When biking becomes an art!

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IMG_6375 IMG_0829 IMG_6509 (5472 x 3648)

Discover an exclusive range of luxury wooden bikes. Each bicycle is unique and handcrafted!


  • High value-added product
  • Co-produced by the Riga Technical University Design Technology institute
  • Each frame is unique, because the wood texture is like fingerprint – unique
  • Handcrafted
  • In varnishing used yacht varnish
  • City bikes are about 25% lighter than the average weight of the city bike segment

MONSIEUR ALFRED unites with MATERIA BIKES to give you a unique experience

Register in the VIP area  http://exclusive.materiabikes.com/eu/vip.html?v=Register

And get -20% on your order with the code MBMAvip

Then let Mr. Alfred plan the perfect itinerary for an unforgettable first outing!

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