Migaloo, the hybrid underwater Superyacht!


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Migaloo Psy is the Austrian company that invented the concept of « private submersible superyacht ». The Migaloo Private SubmersibleYachts have a submarine look and can sail on or under water by offering the same features as a luxury superyacht, plus privacy.

After the semi-submersible private island – Kokomo Ailand – here is a superyacht able to go under water, invented by the Austrian company Migaloo Psy. Today, yacht owners are looking for maximum personalization, individualization and respect for privacy. Based on this observation, it developed the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht, a submarine superyacht capable of sailing both at the surface and at depth. « The Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts are an alternative to superyachts, with the advantage of being fully immersed, so owners and their guests enjoy a privileged navigation experience, such as anchoring, » explains Migaloo Psy.

Available in four models from 72 to 283 m (M2, M5, M6 and M7), the Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts offer all the amenities that a yacht of the same size. For example, the owners and their guests will have spas, jacuzzis, swimming pools, helipads, tender or mini-submarine garages, bathing platforms or a beach club …

On board, the spaces are huge, arranged in duplex or triplex and can accommodate many lounges, dining rooms, bars. The owners can set up their submarines according to their desires and choose many options: offices, conference room, gym, spa, cinema room, games room, cellar, library … To move aboard, The Migaloo has elevators.
The owners also have a large private area – 300 m2 on the M5 spread over 3 floors with private terrace on the front deck – just like the guests – 6 VIP suites of 65 m2 spread over 2 floors on the M5. Onboard the M7, the largest model in the range, the owners will have a private space of 2100 m2!

Each has a unique style, such as the M6, with its reverse stem, or the M7 – the largest model in the range – with a style inspired by the modern Zumwalt class destroyers, capable of reaching 40 knots Water and 20 knots under water.
Migaloo submarines can stay submerged from days to weeks. In case of bad weather, navigation under water allows a calmer passage in the sea. Each submarine, conforming to US Navy Subsafe standards, can be put to the taste of its owner: length, interior and exterior design …


Migaloo is the name of a famous male albino humpback whale, born in 1990 and regularly frequenting the east coast of Australia.

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