Day 2 of #100daysofports: Marina Grande in #Capri #Italy


Marina Grande is the main port of the island of Capri in Italy, to the north of the main town of Capri and at the foot of Mount Solaro.

Capri Island in Italy

capri old port

Marina Grande, 1880

The Marina Piccola, on the island’s southern shore, preceded the Marina Grande; it was used by Augustus and Tiberius. An ancient fishing port, the Romans used the Marina Grande as a port during Augustian times, and built the Palazzo a Mare nearby. Tiberius fortified and reinforced Marina Grande. Capri was also the first point in Campania in which the Greeks landed and women on Capri are still said to « still sometimes show distinctly Grecian features ». In the seventh century, Bishop Costanzo died near Marina Grande and became the island’s patron saint; the Chiesa di San Costanzo is situated between Marina Grande and Anacapri.

Marina Grande is one of the most expensive marina in the world. With a real feel of unique exclusivity, berthing will need to be arranged many months in advance here, especially during peak season. With over 300 berths in total, the facility can accommodate superyachts of up to 60m.

The marina is nestled among striking cliffs and colourful, quaint buildings, offering something truly unforgettable. Sitting below the town, the marina is surrounded by a selection of luxury hotels and restaurants that possess some of the most spectacular views in the world.

Highlights include, cruising past medieval villages and luxury villas overlooking the rocky coast; shopping in some of the world’s most luxurious boutiques; relaxing on one of Capri’s white sandy beaches; watching the sunset paint the sea and cliffs pink and gold; and, during the evening, enjoying one of the city’s many restaurants or exclusive nightclubs.

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