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Monsieur Alfred fell under the  charm of the city of Cannes, emblematic city of the Côte d’Azur and with an international standing where you can combine in a single day, sea, mountains and countryside …

With his professional experience, he decided to create a company where all the treasures of the bay would be in his address book and then, to offer to the lovers of this city a single and unique focus point of contact to satisfy their desires and needs.
And to ensure that everyone can enjoy, Monsieur Alfred pays a particular attention to yachtsman who by lack of space or simply by whish, want to remain at the mooring near the coast of Cannes.

That is why Monsieur Alfred collaborates with mobile and responsive business partners, with his logistical help, to come at your yacht mooring.

Monsieur Alfred distinguishes himself by his 24/7 availability and his kindness towards his customers.

A team of professionals is at your disposal to satisfy you and much more.